Training Touch Sdn Bhd

is a registered company in Malaysia and is registered with PSMB as a Class A Training

At Training Touch, we aim to be our clients’ long term people development partner by offering quality training and experiences at very affordable prices. We aim to build your staff competency for their personal development and the achievement of your corporate objectives as cost-effectively as possible.



“Established since 2005, Training Touch Sdn Bhd has been touching the lives of thousands with it’s quality training and delivery. We are a Learning Partner that assist both Trainers in their business and corporate clients to enhance the learning of their employees. We support Trainers by providing a transparent, lean yet supportive infrastructure to allow them to continuously deliver quality training and content to our clients.

To our clients, we ensured you are able to receive high value yet reasonably priced trainings and contents to develop your staff competency and achieve the many corporate objectives in today’s competitive environment. We also conduct Training Outsourcing Services for our clients.



To be the No 1 Learning Partner of Choice in Asia Providing quality trainers and content at value prices to corporate customers and consumer.