The history of Training Touch is rich with many memorable team events. We get people excited working together, having lots of fun and achieving desired success by learning to play and work effectively together.

We have served our clients in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines.

At Training Touch our Team Event motto is “Whatever your team event objective, wherever you want it to be, whenever and for however long, we are game for it”. You come out with your objectives we have the ideas and the motivation to see it done.



We organize adventures that use excitement and fun to illustrate the crucial nature of building teamwork and communication in the business environment.Our adventures provide an opportunity for teams to learn and practice new behaviors in the most challenging environments.Our adventures include memorable experiences like: Eco Challenge – White Water Rafting – 4 Wheel Drive – Jungle Trekking – Mountain Climbing & Biking – Beach Events – Orienteering.



Experiential inDoors and outDoors are one of our most popular and least expensive options. We can provide teambuilding workshops at your facility or at a nearby public facility to make it convenient for your team.We will design a learning experience flavored with experiential activities to help your team learn to be the best and will make for a great team building motivational event.Treasure Hunt – Paint Ball – Ropes Course – Human Board Games – Mini Olympics – Family Day.



Our team building events are fun-filled activities that will challenge both your body and your mind. Our team events are based on the concepts of popular reality television shows such as Survivor, Fear Factor, The Amazing Race, The Contender and most recently The Apprentice.These shows combine elements that will challenge both mental and physical strength of your people thus bringing them together. Upon completion of the challenges, the teams are debriefed by a team facilitator.


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