Why hire a team when you have a learning partner?

Training Touch supports trainers in their delivery of quality training and content. If you are looking at a Learning Partner to grow your training business look no further.

Training Touch can assist you with:

1. Sales and Marketing of your training and content to the relevant market
2. Above and below the line marketing collateral for your marketing needs
3. Improving Training Content
4. Enhancing Training Delivery
5. Training Support and Administration for your workshop
6. Assistants for Teambuilding when you manage large teams of people
7. Training Slides to E-Learning Content for Sale
8. Creating your own Training Videos to market
9. Writing your own Book for publication and recognition
10. Gaining certification of your programs by recognized Universities/institutions and Recognized Bodies

Top 5 Benefits to Trainer

1. Cost savings due to economies of scale
2. Spend time on your expanding your business and network
3. Focus on your developing your core subject areas
4. Form partnerships and alliances with like-minded individuals
5. Be part of a learning network to tender for big jobs

Contact us at [email protected] or (603) 7728 2236 to set an appointment for us to support you.

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